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Roof repairs
in Biloxi, MS

Welcome to our website for roof repairs, roof damage inspections, and storm damage restoration services! First, what level of urgency do you have:

an emergency, some urgency, or no urgency?

Below are some examples. Select what fits, then click on the green image in that section.


These may be either "wet" or "dry." Let us know which is your case.
WET: (like leaked water or mold is currently INSIDE your home, attic, or garage)
DRY (like the roof clearly needs to be covered with tarp or it WILL leak from the next rain)


Do you need an inspection fast, an urgent estimate to restore or replace the roof (like so you can get emergency financing approved for a disaster-relief loan), and/or assistance with filing an initial claim with your insurance company (or warranty provider)? If so, click the image below.


This includes things that you are comfortable scheduling further out in time, including "second opinions" as well as "preventive measures."

For instance, maybe you already filed an insurance claim fro roof repairs, but now you value input from an independent expert (like our roof repair specialists) on how to be sure that the insurance adjuster is approving everything you deserve (which is often not the case the first time). Or, maybe you already have an estimate for hurricane damage restoration in Biloxi, but you are not as confident in that contractor as you would like to be. Or, did you already hire someone to start some emergency roof repairs (in a rush), but now you would value working instead with a calm, concise professional (that you are clear is being honest and direct with you)? We can help bring you the relief you desire!

As for preventive measures, that includes replacing standard roofing materials with high-quality roofing that is more resistant to impact damage (including from hail) as well as wind damage. If you have any skylights. to replace them with impact-resistant glass (along with your windows and doors) may qualify you for BIG discounts to your monthly insurance premium (PLUS you might even be in an area where grant money or other special funding is available).

Metro Biloxi service area:

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