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Flood damage restoration
in Mobile, AL

Our water damage restoration pros in Mobile will provide you everything you need, starting with a water damage inspection.

Typically, the first step is to perform a thorough inspection to precisely assess the extent of your water damage. If you are contacting us right after hurricane Irma for flooding of a beachfront home, you may have had water levels through your home that were much higher than a few inches. However, although some water damage can be very obvious like that, it is very important to thoroughly check for hidden moisture that is not easily visible (including from roof leaks).

For instance, consider overhead kitchen cabinets. They could be far above the waterline after the typical flood, right? So, if you look on the front and open them up to look at the interior, you might see obvious signs of water damage... or none at all. If those surfaces are all dry to the touch, free of visible mold, with no signs of warped wood or paint that is bubbled or peeling, could there still be water damage?

Even if the inside of the kitchen cabinets is totally dry, what do we often find once we test for trapped moisture between the cabinets and the wall? It is not unusual to discover large spreads of mold growth once we look more closely.

When inspecting for water damage in Mobile, how is hidden moisture detected?

A common method is to use thermal imaging or infrared (IR) cameras to show contrasts in temperature. The dark blue lines along the ceiling and wall can lead us to find the path taken by leaking water from above. The wood inside of the wall can be soaking wet (or covered in mold) while the outside may be totally dry to the touch.

Inconveniently, the surfaces that you are unable to see are the ones that are most likely to trap moisture and get damaged from water leaks or flooding. Any surface that you can easily see has air circulating by it to dry any moisture, right? Wood that is not exposed to open currents of air can trap humidity, often leading to mold or mildew (like under flooring or carpet padding, plus behind baseboards or moulding).

Our equipment allows for the detection of even very small traces of moisture. If the levels are enough that there is a need for repairs or replacement (or a financial obligation for your property insurance company to pay for restoration services), then we will let you know.

If the water damage inspection finds moisture or mold, what other steps are relevant?

Next, they will offer insights on how to file your insurance claim (or how to refile it for better results). After that, they will provide you repair estimates, essential safety interventions, short-term repairs, safe removal of damaged material, plus full restoration or replacement of damaged exteriors and interiors.

Also, ask them about what they recommend for preventing future storm damage (which typically will greatly reduce the monthly cost of your property insurance). For storm damage prevention, they regularly install high-quality "impact glass" storm windows, hurricane-resistant doors, plus storm shutters and even protective awnings.

"So, which storm damage contractor in Mobile is best for me?"

When you contact a contractor through this site, you will have the comfort of knowing that you have a storm damage repair expert at your service. Our specialists will help you organize every detail of the process. That will begin with the initial phone consultation (plus you might email or text us a few pictures), and after that will be an inspection to document the condition of your residential or commercial property. The inspector will also guide you in regard to your insurance claim so that you can maximize the speed and success of your claim.

With the assistance of our experienced contractors, homeowners have MORE THAN TRIPLED the dollar benefits from the initial approvals on their insurance claim (after filing without the assistance of our contractors). Why? Because insurance adjusters frequently do not follow their own rules! By knowing their rules (even better than some of their senior adjusters do), our claim specialists may get you HUGE increases in value.

So, let's get back to the typical sequence of events. Sometimes even at the very first in-person meeting, that is when the initial repairs and safety interventions will be provided to you. However, if insurance approvals (or perhaps special safety equipment) will be needed first, then all of that will be managed by your repair supervisor.

Our storm damage repair pros in Mobile have decades of technical expertise (as well as empathy for your circumstances).

The process of dealing with the paperwork and the insurance adjusters in Mobile can be confusing and stressful for many homeowners. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else to handle all of that for you?

Still have questions? Our Mobile storm damage contractors will help you to quickly get your questions answered, plus let you know what they recommend as essential (as well as what they would recommend as ideal, but not so essential.)

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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