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Our wind damage pros in New Orleans will provide you everything you need (from the initial consultation and an inspection for wind damage... to estimates, claims assistance, information on disaster-relief loans, and of course the actual repairs).

First, if you have serious wind damage and this is the first time you have dealt with that, we should begin by exploring a topic that may be startling: the potential challenges of getting your insurance company to provide you with everything that they are legally obligated to provide.

Even though there may be extensive wind damage that is very obvious, the first step in your storm damage service will be to perform a thorough inspection to precisely assess the extent of your storm damage (as well as investigate the origin of that damage). Why? First, that is so we know what repairs are essential (or at least highly recommended), which we will discuss a bit further below.

Second, for those with insurance coverage, assessing the origin of the wind damage can be especially important. You may have already found out that insurance companies often will slow down or reject valid claims. Why? They have staff whose primary job is to look for (or invent) reasons to reduce their costs. How? They are trained to raise questions of whether the wind damage was from a recent storm or not, plus raise issues like whether the roof was properly installed and maintained prior to the storm that "allegedly" caused the wind damage.

Those issues certainly can be legally significant. However, the insurance companies may sometimes seem to be more interested in saving money (which is actually their obligation to their shareholders) than in determining the real facts. If they think they can benefit by raising questions that are hard for the average homeowner (or jury member) to understand, they certainly might pursue that benefit, right?

So... what is the best way for me to put this? Let's make a quick comparison to approach the simple reality.

On the one hand, we respect that many people have found it shocking that organizations like FEMA or the Red Cross often offer people who had serious wind damage no assistance (or much less than was expected). On the other hand, those organizations may seem very generous once you research a few lawsuits in which insurance companies attempted to minimize their costs by fighting property owners over denying or delaying claims about wind damage repair in New Orleans. (For more on that topic, including a "harsh" quote from a law firm that specializes in suing insurance companies, click here: the ugly truth about insurance companies.)

Besides grants from FEMA or Red Cross (etc), do you know about disaster-relief programs from FHA. HUD, & the SBA?

Most people that we talk to in New Orleans are not aware of the full range of federal programs for helping them restore their lives after a disaster like Hurricane Irma in 2017 (or Hurricane Matthew etc). For instance, most people are not aware at all of the hurricane-relief programs of the SBA (US Small Business Administration). Their interest rates have recently been very attractive: BELOW TWO PERCENT for qualifying borrowers.

What are the loan limits from the SBA? Home owners in disaster-struck areas can qualify for special lending requirements and get up to $200,000 in loans for wind damage repair or stormproofing home improvements The limits for commercial properties are $2,000,000. Plus, any small business can get up to $40,000 to replace lost inventory or equipment. (For more info and the link to apply, click the SBA image above.)

Besides the SBA, the FHA & HUD also offer special borrowing qualifications to people in hurricane-struck areas. Those are for the same 203k loans (that are available to anyone) as well as 203h disaster-assistance mortgages. People in federally-recognized disaster areas can access reduced credit score requirements plus ZERO down payment required. (For more info, click the SBA image above.)

"After the inspection for wind damage in New Orleans, what can I expect?"

The inspector will review the findings with you (at whatever level of detail you desire). Then, you can authorize any emergency services that are needed, like boarding up broken windows or securing a tarp over any openings in the roof (to prevent water leaks).

Next, any coverage that you have available from insurance or warranties can be reviewed, followed by filing the initial claim (or scheduling follow-up consultations with insurance adjusters). Also, for damaged roofs, the inspector can let you know if you are likely to be approved for a replacement of the entire roof (or just for repairs to damaged roofing).

From prioritizing essential emergency repairs to scheduling home improvements that will cut your insurance rates in half

Whether or not your have insurance coverage, the inspector will review what wind damage services are relevant for you, ranging from what is essential to what is most recommended and even what is ideal (in terms of long-term value). Essential repairs for wind damage will include anything that the city will fine you if you don't do or could prevent you from legally occupying or selling the property. Next in priority will be anything that you either get done or else no insurance company would cover your home (which will be a legal requirement for anyone who currently has a typical mortgage on the home).

Depending on your insurance benefits and budget, you may value some additional home improvements to do more than restore your home or commercial building to a safe, sturdy condition. However, that restoration stage will typically be completed prior to anything else. Then, if you also need to replace things like windows, skylights, and doors, one option worth considering is to invest in the safest technologies for preventing wind damage. That will include installing impact-resistant windows.

Also, a very favorable result of fully stormproofing your home in New Orleans will be the large discounts on your insurance costs. To learn why homes in areas vulnerable to hurricanes (as well as tornadoes etc) qualify for discounts of nearly 50% to insurance costs, click here lower the financial risks of your insurance company, and they will reward you. (In fact, the next section below is also directly-related to the value of installing hurricane-resistant windows and glass doors to your home or building in New Orleans.)

"What about water damage and mold caused by leaks after wind storms?"

Especially if you are contacting us right after Hurricane Irma, you may know that even "moderate" wind damage can lead to leaks, flooding, water damage, and mold. If your windows were not made from impact-resistant glass and then were broken by windborne "missiles", that can produce something like this:

Even one little broken window during a hurricane would have allowed high winds directly in to your home. So then it would not be unusual for large sections of your roof to be lifted and ripped off by the winds (like in the image above). If your roof looks like that one above, then several inches of water were probably in your home after you returned from where you had evacuated to, right?

So, in addition to providing the roof repairs that will prevent future water damage, our restoration specialists in New Orleans can also detect and assess any water damage or mold contamination. Next, the rotting or moldy materials need to be safely removed (without spreading mold spores all over your home). Finally, new materials can be installed to restore your home or property to perfect working condition.

Especially if your wind damage led to water damage, having our competent storm damage experts as your allies will be a huge advantage

Again, we already mentioned the issue of insurance companies operating in ways that are "less than ideal" to you as a property owner. If you had wind damage that led to extensive water damage and mold damage, then the repair costs can easily exceed $100,000. Because of that (and the massive sudden financial strain on insurance companies by a major hurricane like Irma, Harvey, Matthew, Sandy, or Andrew), you are going to want our insurance claim specialists as your ally during the period when your insurance claim is being processed.

Why? We know the rules that the insurance companies are legally obligated to follow (plus the typical methods that they may try to use if they suspect that a property owner is uninformed about those rules, which is almost always). Whether or not their adjusters are simply overwhelmed and negligent (or are actually being systemically rewarded for denying valid claims, as has been claimed in many lawsuits settled in favor of property owners), we will assist you by gathering the info that will trigger those adjusters to give you everything they owe you. We repeatedly have put footnotes on our reports to them that list exactly which rule requires them to approve a particular part of your claim.

Getting your claim approved in full the first time is much more favorable than having to wait months or years for a court battle to be resolved in your favor. After a bad hurricane impact in particular, the insurance companies know that many homeowners are strapped for cash and overwhelmed with stress. So, to contact us right now to request that we be your ally in getting all the repairs you need (and all the insurance benefits you are owed), click here: wind damage repair pros in New Orleans.

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