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First, if you are wondering WHY insurance companies will so greatly reward you for using hurricane-resistant impact glass doors and windows, click here: why the big discounts? Next, in addition to selling you impact windows and glass storm doors at factory-direct discounts, we have 4 other services that may interest owners of homes and commercial buildings in the Caribbean.

1) Inspections for insurance discounts
2) Inspections for storm damage
3) Assistance with filing claims
4) Repair of storm damage

For the last three, simply contact us now (or click here for more info: storm damage). The first one may be the least familiar, so I will explain it quickly next.

Basically, many people are not aware of whether or not they ALREADY qualify for discounts to their property insurance. If not, an inspection will identify exactly what you would need to do to get a discount, plus how large that discount would be.

"I overpaid on my premiums for about five years!" said Nancy Dominguez, who is now the Managing Director of FAPIA (the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters). Without even getting any new impact glass products, she saved $800 per year, according to this article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper.

Why do insurance companies give discounts for impact glass windows and doors?

The short answer is rather obvious: if you properly use impact glass all over your building or home, that will save the insurance company lots of money. So, they can pass that savings on to you.

The basic issue is that during hurricanes and other high-wind storms (including tornadoes), it is common for objects like tree branches to be flying around at high speeds. If those hit a standard glass door or window, the glass will crack and allow wind directly in to the interior of the home or building. That will often result in the roof getting lifted off the top of the home (kind of like a balloon popping). If that happens, then everything inside can get blown away (or at least get drenched). Here's a visual to help you understand:

If ALL of your windows and doors qualify for the discount, it can save you close to half of your previous insurance rate. Every single window and door must qualify in order to get the discount (because even a single breach will rip off your roof).

Further, it is not just the quality of the materials that must meet the requirements for the discount, but the quality of the installation. By the way, the requirements are generally set by the government and then the insurance companies simply use those guidelines (which is good for you because it means that the insurance company cannot suddenly change the guidelines to disqualify you).

"You may be eligible for discounts [to your insurance rates].... Plus you will better protect your family," said Lynne McChristian. She is a representative of the Insurance Information Institute.

To contact us now about buying our impact glass windows and storm doors (or scheduling installation in the Caribbean), click here: factory-direct discounts on impact glass.

Storm damage repairs

Do you need urgent repairs, an inspection, or help with filing insurance claims? If so, click here: storm damage restoration & prevention

About our products:

Why are our glass doors and windows so affordable? The simple answer is that you will order them directly from our manufacturing facilities.

Why is ordering direct from the factory so important? For standard-sized glass doors and windows, you will save a lot of money over buying them from retailers (who have to raise their prices far above wholesale prices).

Plus, for unusual shapes, we will custom-build your glass doors and windows. Even if you need custom sizes, our impact glass doors and windows are discounted to be the best value in the industry.

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We have factory-certified installation crews throughout the Caribbean islands (like the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Aruba, Jamaica, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, & Turks and Caicos.)