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Hurricane-Resistant Storm Windows & Glass Doors

About our products:

First, if you are wondering WHY insurance companies will so greatly reward you for using our hurricane-resistant impact glass doors and windows, it's pretty simple. To find out, click here: why the big discounts on monthly insurance rates?

Next, why are our impact glass doors, windows, and skylights so AFFORDABLE? The simple answer is that you will order them directly from our manufacturing facilities.

Why is ordering direct from the factory so important? For standard-sized glass doors and windows, you will save a lot of money over buying them from retailers (who have to raise their prices far above wholesale prices).

Plus, for unusual shapes, we will custom-build your glass doors and windows. Even if you need custom sizes, our impact glass doors and windows are discounted to be the best value in the industry.

Need installers?

In areas that recently had hurricanes, we have factory-certified installation crews available throughout the Caribbean Islands, including the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Isalnds.

TESTIMONIALS about our hurricane-resistant impact glass doors & storm windows (& installation by our factory-certified installers)

"My daughter's insurance agent suggested that she replace all her windows on her house with impact windows to get a bigger insurance discount. I then called Rod and they took care of the whole process. They measured all openings, obtained the building permit and installed all the windows and doors in two days. I was really blessed finding this company cause everything was handled for us in a very professional way." Charles Taylor

"Thank you so much for doing such a great job! Everybody loves the new look of our house. Your crew was incredible and I really appreciate your work." Brian Lee brian-lee
"A friend recommended this service. We were impressed with the work they did on their house. When we called them, they came to our home the next day and explained to us every last detail and the differences of their windows and doors. We had other estimates for the job, but they offered us better quality and REALLY better pricing. After we ordered our windows and doors, they were professionally installed by factory-certified technicians. Our home now looks unbelievably amazing and we are also saving a lot on insurance every year." Matt Miller

recommendation of this contractor by Matt Miller, a local realtor

To contact us now about buying our impact glass windows and storm doors (or scheduling installation), click here: get factory-direct discounts on impact glass.

Wind-resistant impact glass doors & storm windows at factory-direct discounts

Here are some examples of our custom-made impact glass products:

To contact us now about buying our impact glass windows and storm doors (or scheduling installation), click here: get wholesale prices for impact glass (& HUGE discounts on your monthly property insurance).